community services coMplex

We promised news about a big move, and here it is: TOOF is now basing operations out of the state-sanctioned encampment off of Hwy. 183. We are building a Community Services Complex where we will offer our current services, including shower and laundry facilities, and the Workforce First program. We will also be functioning as a service coordinator for other organizations offering services at the camp.

We are performing a thorough needs assessment by interviewing the population at the camp, in order to design and deliver services in a collaborative manner. Already, we offer showers at the camp, and more of the services mentioned above will come online over the next days and weeks as we complete our needs assessment and finish construction of our Community Services Complex. By collaborating with camp residents and our community of service providers, we will help develop a solution-focused community, and an atmosphere of support and opportunity.

To get involved in the process of building a better future with the people camped out here, become a Community Builder today!