Headshots generously donated by Stephen Olker Photograpahy

Chris Baker, Executive Director

Chris is on a mission to make the world better for people affected by homelessness and poverty. Since graduating from the State University of New York at Oneonta in 2007, Chris has worked many different jobs in the field of homeless services and activism, but also as a musician, writer, and even paralegal. He started The Other Ones Foundation in the summer of 2017 to bring his innovative ideas for addressing homelessness to life.


Joe (Lil’ Joe) Westphal – Case Manager

Joe is a passionate and dedicated leader to our neighbors experiencing homelessness. After leaving a career in public safety, Joe has turned his efforts to fighting homelessness in Austin and advocating for the people he serves. 


Jen Hellow – Case Manager

Jen has been concerned about people experiencing homelessness since age 7, when she made her mom pull over and give her socks to a man on a bench covered head to ankles with a blanket. Since graduating from St. Edward’s in 2012 with a degree in Human Services, she has cooked people food at the ARCH, spent a year as an AmeriCorps VISTA at the Texas Homeless Network as the SOAR State Coordinator, and volunteered at Sunrise Navigation Center starting a SOAR program. She’s lived in South Austin a long time and her favorite things in the world are her dog, Charles Dogwin, pancakes, and recreational pocket billiards.

Hank James – Crew Leader

Hank is our first internal hire from the Workforce First crew. An avid blues guitar player with a background in carpentry and prior experience on the WFF team, Hank has a unique understanding of what it takes to lead a work crew. He told us the following about his new position: “I really like this job, this is worth doing. It’s about the people that you are working with, for, and around. You must have some affection for what you’re doing for a living, and I have that here.”



Chevy Dixon – Supportive Employment Specialist

Chevy is committed to the fight against homelessness in Austin and around the world. He believes in offering people living on the streets the support and opportunity many of us enjoy and take for granted.



Joe (Big Joe) Mier – Supportive Employment Specialist

Big Joe has been building and creating things for over 30 years. He brings a deep understanding of job site operations and leadership to TOOF and provides crucial skills training to the people we serve. He is fired-up to bring opportunity to people living on the streets but believes sweeping systemic changes are needed to end homelessness. When he’s not busting his ass serving the community, he can be found playing bass in many working bands around town

Bob Baker – Office Manager

Bob retired after a 31-year career with KPMG, a global professional services firm, in 2015 and moved to Austin, Texas to be close to his favorite people: his two beautiful grandchildren. Bob believes in the values of sharing good fortune and helping those in need. He’s committed to the work of the Other Ones Foundation. He is a skilled amateur potter and spends several days a week throwing, trimming, and glazing.


Max Moscoe – Community Engagement Coordinator

Max has honed his communication and media knowledge in the music industry of Austin, and is excited about bringing those skills to the table at TOOF. Max has been involved in service off and on throughout his life, and feels lucky to be able to dive deeper into social services.




Jim Ward, Texas Homeless Network – Board Chair

Currently the Assistant Director of Planning at the Texas Homeless Network, but coming from a decade long career in direct service, Jim understands the pressures on the ground when working to end homelessness. Please consider him your ally in the fight to end homelessness


Elizabeth Baker LCSW – Board Secretary

Elizabeth has dedicated her professional career as a licensed social worker to serving Austin’s homeless, who also experience mental illness. Since 2010, she has overseen housing and homeless service programs and currently oversees ACT (Assertive Community Treatment) teams, at Integral Care. Recent work also includes collaborations with the criminal justice system to break the cycle of incarceration for Austin’s homeless. She was elected Secretary of the Other Ones Foundation on June 25th, 2017.


Melanie Connolly, IBC Bank – Board Treasurer


Philip Leal LMSW – Board of Directors

Phil Began his career in social work in the Money Management program at Family Eldercare. After becoming an Outreach and Engagement specialist, working with some of the most vulnerable of Austin’s homeless population, he was quickly moved to the Homelessness Outreach Street Team (HOST Team), an innovative and collaborative effort to face homelessness head on in Austin.


Wes Bickham, City Of Austin – Board of Directors

Wes’s passion is to take a vision and make it reality. He is an inspirational, energetic leader who leads by action and example. Respected as an experienced voice in Commercial Landscape Maintenance, Wildflower Meadow/Land Management, and the Workforce First Initiative program, Weston earns a seat at the table wherever he serves. As the current Mowing Supervisor at The City of Austin, Parks & Recreation, Weston oversees the operations of a $1.2 million unit responsible for the South District parklands. He is now spearheading one of Austin’s most significant strategic endeavors to date – designing an innovative program which will shift Austin’s formerly reactive response to parkland homeless encampments and turn an ever-present and growing problem into a self-sustaining, socially responsible and profitable solution for Parks & Recreation


Adams Kirkpatrick – Board of Directors

Adams raises funds, advises executives, develops ideas, and creates clear strategies. Adams is an expert in creating and maintaining sustainable systems, and he has a long history of supporting many diverse companies in a wide range of markets.