TOOF Van Fundraiser

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We have been approved by the City to fund an expansion starting October 1st. This will allow Workforce First to nearly double in capacity, and partner with the Veterans Association to employ homeless veterans! The expansion is fully funded aside from one thing: A van to drive our new crews. Can you help?

We’ve launched a crowd-funding
campaign to help us get the van, and
secure a brighter future for people in
dire need of work and shelter.
Please contribute what you can to
help us expand our crucial work. What have we done so far? Check out these numbers from our year so far!

Most importantly, please contribute, and share our cause with friends and family who may be interested in doing the same.

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  1. Jeremy Frie

    I need work and I am ready to work and the paper applications are not working and state company’s phone and internet is not working in az. They told me I can get ebt for unemployment and then they did not give me toilet paper for my home I live in or clothes or fast food that is hot. What good is this ebt card for I can not live right as a man or a single women would not love right either they need to be arrested. on Washington street on curry road.

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