What is TOOF?

We are a nonprofit that offers emergency shelter, extremely low-barrier work opportunities, and supportive services to people experiencing homelessness in Austin, TX.

The Other Ones Foundation represents a community where no one lives in the margins; where all people are inherently valued.

Join us in building a community where our clients, staff, and supporters find common ground and grow together. 

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Flex your social network and spread the word about TOOF! Another great way to get involved is to reach out to friends and family directly suggesting donations, or sharing our posts on the following channels:


We work in tandem with many partners, including public, private, foundations, faith-based, and non-profit groups.

To all who support and contribute to this work, thank you!


Unduplicated clients served


People moved into stable housing


Earned income paid to people experiencing homelessness

838,031 lbs

Trash removed from green spaces in Austin


TOOF and Findhelp Films Join Forces to Tell The Story of Esperanza

The Other Ones Foundation and findhelp films have joined forces (again!) to tell the story of the Esperanza Community. The Esperanza Community is a sanctioned encampment in Austin, TX where TOOF and the residents of the site are working together to build a transitional shelter community where unhoused individuals can find the stability they need to move on to a safer and more fulfilling life. Stay tuned as this incredible story unfolds! 


If you, or people in your community, are interested in volunteering off-site, one great way to do that is to collect hot weather items for our neighbors! As the weather heats up in Austin, TX there are much needed supplies that can keep everyone, and their pets, safe and cool. Items can be purchased on our Amazon Wish List or the list below: 

  • Cooling Bandanas for People and Pets 
  • Handheld, Electric Fans
  • Insulated Cooler Bag
  • Reusable Water Bottles
  • Baseball Caps 
  • Hats with Neck Protection
  • Sunscreen 
  • Bugspray 

All donated items must be new and unused.

Our Executive Director, Chris Baker, was featured as one of the heroes of Queer Eye season 6.

Chris has dedicated most of his life to serving others, particularly those experiencing homelessness. The majority of his friends, family, and coworkers will tell you that he is one of the kindest, most selfless people they've ever known. However, somewhere along his path, he forgot how to serve himself. This summer, he was given the gift of a week with the Fab 5, during which he began a journey of remembering how to love and care for himself the way he and TOOF love and care for our clients: unconditionally, radically, and without judgment. 

We are all incredibly proud of Chris, and it is an honor and a privilege to work alongside him. Watching his journey has been so beautiful for all of us at TOOF, and we hope it is able to have some kind of impact on you as well.