Bundling “Resiliency Kits” and “Shelter Kits” are a great way to make an impact at the Esperanza Community and have a volunteer opportunity for families, corporate teams, congregations, or any group!

“Shelter Kits” set Esperanza residents up with the resources needed to ensure a smooth transition into an individual shelter unit at the Esperanza Community. The contents of these bundles help folks keep their new shelter clean, organized, and comfortable!

“Resiliency Kits” are for people experiencing homelessness who are not yet moved into a shelter unit. These kits offer people the critical resources needed to keep folks safe and healthy as they work through case management to get into a shelter at Esperanza, some other shelter, or straight into stable housing.


Quick Impact: Make an impact immediately by purchasing a full or partial bundle through our friends at COCObundle. COCObundle assembles the bundles and delivers them directly to us! 

DIY: Purchase the items we need from the retailer(s) of your choice. Get the items delivered to you, package them together, and drop them off with us to distribute.