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The Other Ones Foundation

The Other Ones Foundation provides humanitarian aid, case management, and employment opportunities for people experiencing homelessness in Austin, TX.

We got our start in 2018, with our Workforce First Program. This alternative employment program offers unhoused folks the opportunity to work in service of their community, performing environmental cleanups in parks, invasive species removal, and more. Program participants earn a dignified wage of $15/hr and are offered case management. So far, we have paid out $600,000 in earned income to unhoused Austinites, cleaned 700,000 pounds of trash out of green spaces in Austin, and housed 81 of our clients!

In August, we became the stewards of the Esperanza Community, a 150 person State-sanctioned encampment in East Austin. There, we provide case management, hygiene facility access, employment opportunities, community building, and a day shelter with internet access and mail service. We also coordinate with other groups to offer mental and physical health resources, food access, and more.
Our next step is to build 200 individual shelter units so that these folks can get out of the elements and have a safe and dignified journey off the streets and into stable housing!

As we build this complex, we will be employing Esperanza Community residents in the construction project.  Unhoused folks will not only earn a dignified wage and learn trade skills, but, in some cases, will actually be building their own shelter units!

your impact

One of our crews, hard at work! Our crews are comprised of people experiencing homelessness, doing what they need to do to get back to a stable and fulfilled life!

$1,200 offers a week’s work to three unhoused people. These folks will be earning a dignified wage of $15/hr, learning trade skills, and building a transformational shelter complex that will benefit all 150 residents of the Esperanza Community. It is essential that we are able to get folks out of the elements and into a safe and dignified place while they work toward stable housing and income. Thank you for your contribution toward making this happen. Providing work opportunity and shelter for these people will have a very real and lasting impact on their lives!