What It Is

Workforce First is a supportive work program, where individuals experiencing homelessness are offered the opportunity to be of service to the community, as an alternative to panhandling. Participants engage in the work of large-scale environmental clean up, invasive species removal, and more. Folks earn a dignified wage of $15 an hour and are provided with lunch and transportation to the work site. Clients are also offered case management to help break down barriers to stable housing and income.


How It Works

The program identifies eligible workers through a combination of partnering organizations, and our own street outreach. The only requirement to join the workforce first program is that an individual is experiencing or has experienced homelessness, is over 18, and that they may otherwise be panhandling.  The Other Ones provides transportation, lunch, and pay at the end of every work day. The hiring process is streamlined by removing any traditional barriers to getting started on a job. By removing these barriers, and opening up access to work, we are taking the first step to regaining trust and building community with people who may have become untrusting or frightened of society and its systems.

Get Enrolled in WFF

If you think that the Workforce First program is a great fit for you or a loved one, you can use the contact form on this website to get in touch or call (512) 568-7557 or email to talk to someone about getting involved.

What our friends think about WFF:

“What working for The Other Ones Foundation did for me, it instilled work values back in me that I had lost over the years of being homeless and living on the streets. And I found values that made me realize I didn’t want to be flying a sign ever again.”


“We were out in a park and they came walking up to us and said, ‘You wanna work?’ We said, ‘Heck yeah!’ It’s just been a blessing. I love the job: you get lunch, you get to work outdoors….Some days you just get lucky.”

- Dave