One way to live in Kinship is to amplify quieted voices. 

Through this Photovoice project, you have the opportunity to pull back the veil and see what it’s really like to be unhoused here in Austin, TX. TOOF’s Photovoice project offers a first-person look at the everyday lives of those we serve.

Some of these stories will bring you joy. Some will make you laugh. Some will make you uncomfortable and push you to turn away. The experience of people living unhoused is often treacherous and inhumane. We encourage you to hear these stories and amplify these unheard voices!

Thank you for listening to people, thank you for loving people.

CINDY - Esperanza Community Member

JOE - Esperanza Community Member

MARKEsperanza Community Member

MARVIN - Esperanza Community Member

HIPPIEEsperanza Community Member

LISA - Workforce First Participant

GENARO - Workforce First Participant

ASHLEY - Workforce First Participant