Now, more than ever, the city of Austin needs a community that can help people make the journey from homelessness to home! Thank you for your ongoing dedication to building a world where all people experience shelter, opportunity, and support. 

With your continued contributions, The Esperanza Community is transforming into a shelter complex where people can find the traction they need to move into a more fulfilling chapter of their lives.


$10,000 - A Year of Shelter, Opportunity, and Support
Provides shelter, supportive services, and work opportunities for an individual for a full year.

$1,000 - Welcome in Support
Provides the materials and supportive services needed to move an individual into a shelter unit.

$500 - A Week of Opportunity and Support
Pays for a full week of work opportunity and supportive services for a client. The opportunity to work, paired with supportive services (housing navigation, ID recovery, mental and physical health services, etc) are vital to welcoming our unhoused neighbors back into the community!

$85 - A Day's Work
Pays an individual for a day of work, as well as offering lunch and transportation to and from the job site!

Write a Postcard!
A short, kind note can uplift and inspire one of our unhoused neighbors as they move into a shelter. See below to learn more about sending postcards to our friends at Esperanza.