TOOF has a variety of ways that you can get involved. Once you sign up to volunteer, you will receive a brief volunteer orientation and be on your way to helping build community with our neighbors experiencing homelessness. To sign up for volunteer opportunities, email max@toofound.org and let us know what you are interested in!  

lunch force

Join the Lunch Force by bringing lunch out to our hard-working Workforce First crews. This is a great way to meet some of our staff and clients, and get an inside look at what TOOF does. Be prepared to bring lunch for up to 10 (plus your team!). This is a great opportunity for families, groups, or anyone wanting to learn more about TOOF’s work. Drop the food off, or stay and eat with the crew! Contact max@toofound.org to set up a date.


Offering people experiencing homelessness the opportunity to have their basic hygiene needs met is a very rewarding experience. Volunteer with us to help set up and run our shower trailers any day Monday through Saturday. Shift times are flexible, and can be as short as two hours or as long as 5, depending on your schedule.


at home advocacy

Our At Home Advocacy Campaign is a great way to get involved in TOOF’s work from home. Join our mailing list to receive your copy of the At Home Advocacy Campaign today! .

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We have a lot of building to be done out at our new HQ on Hwy 183. This a great volunteer opportunity for Churches, businesses, or any other group of people able to donate some time and materials and come out and help us build a sustainable and supportive community for people experiencing homelessness.

Email max@toofound.org to sign up for any of these volunteer opportunities. Do you have other skills that you can offer, or other ways you want to be involved? Let us know!

Want to support TOOF with your dollar AND get access to meetings where we make decisions about future programs and volunteer opportunities? Become a Community Builder by clicking HERE.