TOOF currently has very limited in-person volunteer opportunities. We have recently hired a full time volunteer coordinator, and are working quickly to welcome in more folks to the Esperanza Community as volunteers. Please fill out the form below to help us get to know you, and we will reach out when volunteer opportunities that match your skills and interests arise.

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bundle a kit!

Bundling kits is a great remote volunteer opportunity that you can do with your family, company, or group of any kind. Mail them to us, or come drop them off in person, at 780 S Hwy 183 Austin, TX 78741.

Many people show up to the Esperanza Community without the resources needed to survive here. Some have nothing more than the clothes on their back. 

We have designed these Resiliency Kits to provide people with basic needs so that they can get to work with TOOF building a healthier, more dignified life for themselves. Donating a Resiliency Kit to TOOF is a great way to make an impact by offering a strong start to a new resident at the Esperanza Community.

Shelter Kits help us welcome new Esperanza Community members into dignified shelter units. Create one of these kits to help ensure that people have everything they need for success while staying at the Esperanza Community.

Want to support TOOF with your dollar AND get access to meetings where we make decisions about future programs and volunteer opportunities?

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