Join TOOF in offering shelter, opportunity, and support to our unhoused neighbors in Austin!

Donations of money, items, time, and skills are all greatly appreciated. Check out the following ways to help offer shelter, opportunity, and support to our unhoused neighbors:

Why get involved?

Our clients experience profound change working with TOOF. Willie is a graduate of the Workforce First Program. Willie was unemployed and staying at the salvation army when he found out about TOOF. After going through the Workforce First Program, he is now living in an apartment and working full time for the city. He is enrolled in supportive banking, and actively saving money and building credit. His next goals are to get a car and become a minister!

“If it wasn’t for working with these guys, I wouldn’t have this full time job. Working those two days a week gave me the motivation to go full time. I wanna go to work and earn a check, I wanna feel good about that money, and feel good when I pay my bills. I’m so glad that I met The Other Ones, If it wasn’t for them I wouldn’t be where I’m at today.”


WHO works with us?

Austen Bailey has been a supporter of TOOF since our inception. He serves as the Outreach Director for One Chapel and the Talent Buyer for Mohawk, coming face to face with homelessness nearly every day...

“Working on Red River…you develop a heart for people. You see folks disgusted, stepping over our neighbors experiencing homelessness, treating them like they’re anathema or flat out ignoring them. It’s gut wrenching.

I’m a big fan of the ‘teach a man to fish’ philosophy, and The Other Ones Foundation is doing just that…You’re investing in people, restoring their dignity. By providing not only employment opportunities of which they can take pride in, but also the opportunity to connect with their co-workers, you’re creating community. You’re sending the message that not only is your time, and your work valuable, but you are inherently valuable.”

Austen Bailey


We are always in need of supplies out at the Esperanza Community. If you or your group want to donate hygiene supplies, clothes, tents, or other items, please contact to set up a time to drop off supplies! You can also purchase Resiliency Kits RIGHT HERE which will be shipped directly to us. Here is a list, updated weekly, of our most crucial needs at the Esperanza Community:

-We are WAY overstocked on feminine hygiene products, please don't send right now!


-White socks and underwear (men and women, all sizes)

-Razors and shaving cream (single use size)

-Headlamps and flashlights, AA/AAA batteries

-Bug spray