Community Builders are a group of socially conscious and dedicated people who believe that everyone deserves access to opportunity, support, and shelter.

Through our monthly giving program, Community Builders support and engage in TOOF’s work of building a loving and supportive community with people experiencing homelessness.


Your Impact

Our clients experience profound change working with TOOF. Willie is a graduate of the Workforce First Program. Willie was unemployed and staying at the salvation army when he found out about TOOF. After going through the Workforce First Program, he is now living in an apartment and working full time for the city. He is enrolled in supportive banking, and actively saving money and building credit. His next goals are to get a car and become a minister!

“If it wasn’t for working with these guys, I wouldn’t have this full time job. Working those two days a week gave me the motivation to go full time. I wanna go to work and earn a check, I wanna feel good about that money, and feel good when I pay my bills. I’m so glad that I met The Other Ones, If it wasn’t for them I wouldn’t be where I’m at today.”


What You're Building

Customers served! $ 1796685 Earned income paid to the people experiencing homelessness
Customers served! 1796685 People moved into stable housing
Customers served! 1796685 lbs Trash removed from green spaces in South Austin
Customers served! 1796685 Showers provided by our shower trailers



“I support The Other Ones Foundation because no other organization does what they do, they give dignity, employment, and case management to folks experiencing homelessness. I have seen with my own eyes how changed folks are after working with them, because often they employ homeless folks to help other homeless neighbors. I know when I give to TOOF it goes right into the hands of the most vulnerable people in my community.”

Julie Ann Nitsch

“I’m proud to support TOOF’s work and overall mission. They are providing real solutions to tackle poverty and I believe that they are developing a model that could be effective in other cities. On top of the importance of their work, it’s great to see that the organization is backed by a diverse community of like-minded people who are dedicated to helping others.”

Andrew Schuster