esperanza community

TOOF and a resident elected Leadership Committee partner to serve as stewards for the Esperanza Community, a ~150 person sanctioned encampment in Austin, TX. Based out of our Community Services Complex, we offer work opportunities, case management, hygiene and laundry facilities, a day shelter with internet and mail access, and a community kitchen. We also function as the camp’s service coordinators, working closely with the service provider community to bring in all the resources needed to properly support the residents

here. Lastly, we collaborate with camp residents to foster a solution-focused community that honors the vision of residents for the future of The Esperanza Community.

To that end, the residents have recently voted on “the Esperanza Community” as the official name of the site. They have also elected a five person Leadership Committee that will now be at the table with TOOF and making decisions about the future of the site collaboratively. 

On the horizon, TOOF will be building a transformational shelter complex with 200 individual dwellings that will allow residents to get out of the elements and into a safe and dignified living space where they can work through TOOF programs and towards stable housing. Watch this video to see progress on the initial buildout of individual shelter units:

Photo by Donald “Hippie” Mongomery, a community resident.

Photo by Candace, a community resident.