Esperanza Community

Due to construction, the Esperanza Community is currently closed to any non-residents or visitors.

Only registered residents and approved partners will be allowed on-site. Anyone wishing to visit an Esperanza Resident is encouraged to do so, either off-site or at the picnic table and awning upfront.

TOOF is currently building a transformational shelter complex with 200 individual shelter units that will allow community members to get out of the elements and into a safe and dignified living space where they can work through TOOF programs and towards stable housing. Check out the video below, made by our friends at Findhelp Presents, that shows the latest construction progress!

TOOF offers work opportunities, case management/housing navigation, hygiene facilities, and a community center with mail and internet access. We also function as the camp’s service coordinators, working closely with the service provider community to facilitate food access, mental and physical health resources, and more. We collaborate with camp residents to foster a solution-focused community that honors the vision of residents for the future of The Esperanza Community.